Available or soon to be available dogs

Lokie - Black Labrador Female: 
            Sire FC AFC Gunstolks Topshelf Snap Decision x High Voltage Baileys Black Irish SH MH passes.  
            Loki is a smaller girl who just turned 2 years old. Friendly and athletic. Price will be determined on how far she             gets with her training before she leaves. Will not be sold with breeding rights - companion gun-dog only. 
            Not available at this time but will be soon. Watch for up dates.

Level 1  Introduced to birds, water, decoys, play retrieving
Level 2  Introduced to gunfire, collar conditioned, basic obedience, simple single retrieves on land/water, quartering to the gun 
Level 3  Force fetch 
Level 5  Triples on land/water, advanced handling drills, complex marking scenarios, Master level blind retrieves 
Level 4  Line steady, Doubles on land/water, pile work, double T, swim by, simple cold blind retrieves